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Slug that barrel!  Only way to know what it'll shoot well with.  Find some cheap soft lead fishing sinkers, squirk a little WD-40 down the bore, and tap it through and measure the diameter with a good set of calipers or micrometer.  Order bullets 0.001" or so larger than your slug comes out.

As far as what will feed, that's always an interesting exercise.  Some guns are friendlier than others, and some you have to tinker with the OAL a little.  LFNs would probably be the smoothest feeding profile.

If you want a heavy bullet that can be loaded to standard OAL, try the 280 gr. WFN.  It can be loaded to an OAL of around 1.610" or so which is right on spec.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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