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I remember seeing a neet poster at an indoor range which kind of looked like a pie graph, but in each section of the pie (which represented bullet hits in that area) it listed several options for what might be the reason for hitting in that area rather than the bullseye, i.e. finger too deep into the trigger, too much grip pressure, etc.

I contacted the shooting range, but they weren't very helpful.  I also tried several web searchs to find where I could buy one of these posters but had no luck.  Can anyone recommend where I might look next.  Would also be interested in any other type of shooting analysis self-help info. or resources.  It seems I've hit the wall on anything I can correct on my own.  I try to shoot a couple of hundred rounds a week, but my accuracy is not really improving.

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Hi, Cooter:
  This looks like what you're looking for. Goto:
<a href="

Then" target="_blank">

Then</a> click on:
Error Analysis and Correction

  There's a pile for infomation on pistol shooting technique here. Might not get anything reloaded tonight <!--emo&:)--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'><!--endemo-->

  I knew what you were asking for when you posted it, but it was at the indoor range, 35 miles away, and last night was the first time over there since your post.


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Great Info!

Here I was under the assumption that I was stuck with the problem of not being able to hit the braodside of the barn with a brick!

Cooter...Nice to see you here.

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