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CD little sharps in 44-40

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i just got a little sharps in 44-40 and its very nice and shoots good too. peep sight hole needs enlarged and a replacement front sight(lyman 17-A). it handles 23 grs imr 4227 and a 200gr hornady xthp with out a wimper. i may get another in 30-30 win. eastbank.
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Are they the ones manufactured by Armi Sport Chiappa? They're a sweet looking rifle. I'd love one in .22 Hornet, funnily enough. I reckon it would be an absolute hoot to sit back off a rabbit patch and plink away off sticks like the old buffalo hunters!
I've got two full sized sharps rifles by chiappa, an older .45/70 and a recent production .45/90. Both are good shooters, although the .45/70 has the wrong twist rate and won't stabilize bullets over 405grs. The newer '90 is far better in terms of fit and finish, in fact its better than many pedersoli's I've seen costing far more.
Is the little sharps good quality in terms of the fit and finish, wood inletting and bluing etc?
nimrod355, yes thay are made by chiappa and fit and finish are better than than i have come to expect from the italians. the loading and shooting quirks it has are easily overcome, trigger guard a little small, loading lever position a little criical when inserting a shell and the sights are a bother to me(maybe my eyes). i will drill out the peep sight hole a little bigger and replace the front sight. i am quite pleased with the rifle and will buy one in 30-30 as sone as i find one. eastbank.
I think in .30/30 it would be a classic hunting rifle. I've often thought about hunting with my .45/90 but at about 14lbs weight I'd need to play the sit and wait game. Also with the load I run I really need to clean between shots to retain best accuracy. My .45/70 Sharps is lighter with a 30" barrel and I did shoot some goats and a pig with it out west once, with smokeless powder and 400gn soft nosed projectiles. It was fun to hunt with but the tang mounted vernier peep sight isn't ideal for taking offhand shots at running game, and makes it slower to reload as well. I've put the open rear and blade front sight back on the rifle and look forward to doing more hunting with it.
44/40 still gets it done!

I didn't even know they were still making guns to shoot the 44/40 and I'm glad to hear it's capable of taking full-power loads!

My 12 year-old daughter used a 1960's-era Model '92 in 44/40 to harvest her very first deer, this past September. From 70 yards with open sights (fiber-optic, so not original) she got the job done! :)


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Broom, here is a pic of my Uberti .38-40. They make it in .44-40 also. I do like that .44-40 round. Weak from the factory, but can be reloaded to chase the .44 Mag. My .44-40s are a Marlin CB and a Uberti 1866 Yellowboy. I am glad that .44-40s and little girls mix well.

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That's a really cool-looking gun! It looks like it has about a 24" barrel? If so, I bet it's more accurate than the Model '92 my daughter likes so much. She's after me every weekend to load up some more rounds...she shoots up everything I make for it. I'd like to find something less expensive than the 200gr XTP bullets I've been using. I should probably spend the time to learn how cast bullets are loaded and start using those. For the distances involved (50 yards or so) I'm sure they would do an awesome job.
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