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A friend just bought a Rossi model 92 (Winchester clone) and he wants to take the old lever off and put a large loop lever on. He's a "newbie" and would like VERY simple instruction on how it's done. I know how to change the lever on a model 94, but I've never attempted to do this on a 92. Thanks.


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Timberwolf. Rossi does not make a big loop lever gun (unless they started in the last 6 mon.) and
winchester levers will not fit.
The only recourse is modify original lever which takes a good gunsmith/welder.

Disassembly is fairley easy but reassm. is a pain in
the rear, so if your friend still wants to disassm.?
Here's how it goes!!

1. Make sure gun is unloaded!!!
Action closed.

2. Remove tang screw, slide butt stock off to the rear. Set aside.

3. On left side of receiver, just behind and below
barrel is a plug screw, remove it.
Opposite that screw on right side of receiver is a small hole, use pin punch and small hammer to
drive out pin to left side.
This pin holds lever, bolt and spring loaded ejector
in conjuction with each other.

4. Cock hammer, using needle nose vice grips captivate main spring strut at rear of lower tang.
you must releave main spring pressure on hammer,
this is the only way to do it. (some new guns have a cross hole in strut for pin, to captivate).

5. Drive out pin holding strut to hammer, remove
hammer pivot screw.

I have run out of time, I will get back to you Monday 6/17/2002. Don't do any of this until I return.

talk to you later.
Calamity Jake

Good morning, I made it back, here is the rest of it.

6. Pull down on lever, Lever and locking lugs will come out as a unit. Lugs are not screwed to lever,
although it looks that way, thay will fall off.

7. Remove lower tang, you may have to drive it out
to the rear, be careful not to damage notch at front of lower tang. Hold the trigger in fire possition
as you drive out. GO SLOW!!

8. Remove hammer from bottom of receiver. Slide
bolt assembly with loose ejector out to the rear
paying close attention to ejector it is loose and may
fall out. If it does, order of reassemble is, with
ejector in hand, spring on post then small tubing on
spring, ejector assy. in bolt. It will only go one way.


Now is the time to clean gun and parts.
Now load a dummy round for this gun. NO POWDER
OR PRIMER!! Any bullet will work. You will need this
for reassembly.


1. With bolt/ejector assy. in hand facing up, hook
rim of dummy round under extractor, push ejector
flush to face of bolt. Holding dummy roung in position, slide bolt assy. into receiver and bullet of dummy round into chamber about 1/2 in.

2. Install new or factory lever/locking lug assy raising lever to fire position, this will close the bolt
to fire position. Install retaining pin and plug screw
from step 3. Open action, remove dummy round.

3. With action half open, install hammer without
screw, while holding trigger back install lower tang.
Holes in ears of tang must line up with hammer pivot
screw hole. Install hammer screw.

4. Cock hammer, Install strut to hammer pin, remove
vice grips. Install butt stock.


Rossie's are not that hard to work on, just take your time and watch how things come apart and
Hope this helps.
Have a good day.
Calamity Jake

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Actually, in 1996-1998 Rossi did make a large-loop lever model 92.  The only one's that I saw when we had the gunshop, and doing gunshows were in .45 Colt and .44-40 WCF.  They were big, ungainly oversize loops that were greatly over exaggerated.

However, if you choose to replace your lever with an oversize model, perhaps one of these earlier production model large loop levers is available from old parts inventories.

Just a thought.

God Bless,


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You can obtain large loop levers from...

M&M Gunsmithing
204 S Union St
Alexandria, VA 22314
703-739-9890 fax

[email protected]


1. Make sure it is not loaded.

2. Remove Lever & breechbolt pin hole plug screw.

3. Remove Lever & breechbolt pin.

4. Remove Locking bolt pin stop screw.

5. Remove locking bolt pin.

6. Slide lever out.

7. Install new lever.

8. Reassemble in reverse order.

Caution: Lining up lever to breechbolt to install Lever/breechbolt pin can be a pain sometimes. The pin also holds the ejector assembly in the breechbolt.

Or if not mechanically inclined visit a gunsmith.
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