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Welcome to the forum. Rules are to join in, have fun, and play nicely with the rest of us kids.

There are other rules in the stickies around the board, and in the General forum in particular. One of them is no duplicate posting. One post in the most appropriate forum is best. The reason is that the board runs out of bandwidth and shuts down a few days at the end of the month once in awhile. By eliminating duplicate posts we save bandwidth, not only because of lower thread count but because of fewer duplicate answers from different members. Also, it keeps all the answers in one place for future research.

I don't know the Knoxx Axiom stock specifically, but changing a Remington stock is usually just a matter of taking the stock screws out. These are located on the trigger guard and magazine floor plate assembly. Unscrew them and pop the gun into the new stock and put them back. Usually around a dozen to twenty inch-lbs of torque is used. If you don't have a torque wrench, just try to remember how hard they were to remove and reverse that going back in. If you have accuracy problems, try tightening them a little. Just don't strip the head slots.

If the stock has to be bedded, that is more complicated and you want to read up on that or have a gunsmith do it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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