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Cheap Relable shotguns

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What are some good shotguns that are cheap but also relable?
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H&R Pardner is a Remington 870 copy and all parts interchange including the barrel with a spacer. It has a better fit and finish than the current production Remington 870 Express and is ironically imported by Remington which bought Marlin whcih bought H&R. For $200.00 it cannot be beat. Has universal owner satisfaction for quality and reliability. My gun store told me they have "sold hundreds" and have never had one returned for any reason. Check it out.
There is a regular on other sites," MAX100" , who seems to be an expert on all the Hawk Industries shotguns. I read it in one of his posts as it is generally understood that all parts of the 870 and "Pardner 870" are interchangable with the exception of the barrel but he states otherwise and would believe him as he seems to know way more about the Hawk Shotguns than anyone I have seen. He said the Pardner needed a "spacer" to accept the Remington 870 barrel. :eek:He sells an magizine extension for the Pardner Protector. Here is his detailed review - very interesting and worth reading
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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