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Cheap Relable shotguns

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What are some good shotguns that are cheap but also relable?
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What are some good shotguns that are cheap but also reliable?
I purchased, last year, a Maverick 88 home defense shotgun, I absolutely love it. The particular model that I bought, is the 8 shot model, it's holds 7 in the tube, and of coarse one in the chamber, it's a 20" cylinder bore gun, which pretty well restricts it to close quarters and slugs if you want to hunt, I have killed many a rabbit at about 30 yards with # 5 shot, so it's not too bad, as far as a bird gun, NO, no the greatest choice. The Maverick is made by Mossberg and is an almost exact replica of the 500 the only differences that I can see, the fore grip is different and instead of a tang safety on the top rear of the receiver it has the standard cross bolt safety. They run about 100 dollars cheaper than the 500 and ALL 500 accessories will fit it....I've fired much more expensive guns, and much cheaper guns, all in all I really like this one, and unlike the Remingtons that I've fired The Mac. doesn't have the problem of occasionally dropping shells to the ground from the tube mag upon firing....
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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