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Cheap Relable shotguns

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What are some good shotguns that are cheap but also relable?
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The Rem. 870 is still a pump, it's the Pardner that's changed:
...and the great thing about those used shotguns is that so many of them are in very good condition. Simple, age-old designs and relatively light use mean you can frequently pay 50% less than you might for a brand new gun, yet wind up with one that is very close to new condition.

As your name suggests, you seem to like the Mossberg, which is a very good bargain in a shotgun. Of course, the 870 didn't get to be the best-selling shotgun of all time w/o being a great value. Either of those, particularly in a lightly used gun, will be about the best deal you'll get on a very useful and versatile shotgun.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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