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kciH said:
You can click here to access the makers of the sizer. As far as I know the only place you can get one is from them, unless you luck into a used one. You cannot use your Lyman dies or punches in this machine, but they are typically easy to sell. This machine sizes the bullets nose first and pushes them through a die from top to bottom. You don't need any top punches, and you only touch the bullet once. If you're not using gas checks, one punch will work for all bullets 9mm-45. If you use gas checks you need a properly sized punch for the caliber you are using. You will still need sizing dies for each caliber you intend to use.
Be careful here. If you are casting soft bullets such as are used in BPCR, the star lubrizer will tend to flatten the nose of the bullets. That is because the buttets push each other through the star. I do not fancy my Paul Jones bullets with an altered nose and you might not either. Folks, please understand the complete ramifications of answers to any question.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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