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chosing a rifle

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I would like to buy a rifle for target shooting but also for hunting at long ranges.
I have been looking for several rifles but I don't now with I have to buy.

I can chose between those rifles:
- Tikka T3 lite stainless
- Remington 700 sps DM
- Remington 770 sporter
- Winchester model 70 coyote lite
- Weatherby vanguard DBM
- Browning X-bolt stainless stalker

Can someone help me out of my problem.

P.S. Sorry for the spelling mistaces.
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I can tell you that I bought a Remington 700 SPS in a .308 a few years ago, and use that as my "go-to" hunting rifle. Shoots well in all conditions, and have yet to have a malfunction. Accuracy out of the box was good enough for the average hunter, and by that I mean the guy (like myself) that does not do trigger jobs, bedding, and all that extra stuff. I bought it, mounted a Nikon scope, and went shooting. I love it. Good luck to you with your hunt in the gunshop as well as in the field...
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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