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chosing a rifle

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I would like to buy a rifle for target shooting but also for hunting at long ranges.
I have been looking for several rifles but I don't now with I have to buy.

I can chose between those rifles:
- Tikka T3 lite stainless
- Remington 700 sps DM
- Remington 770 sporter
- Winchester model 70 coyote lite
- Weatherby vanguard DBM
- Browning X-bolt stainless stalker

Can someone help me out of my problem.

P.S. Sorry for the spelling mistaces.
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Why are you limiting yourself to these rifles only ?
I agree for target shooting one with a heavy barrel would probably be better than the standard hunting version .
You say you have a Thousand $ to spend . Then what is that in American money and how much would say a Rem 700 or a Tikka T#3 cost with your money .

Then were are you going to shoot @ targets ? Pay a visit and see what the guys are shooting and why .
my vote, (the more expensive option) is a Remington 700 Sendero chambered in ether 7mm Rem Mag. .300 Win Mag or one of the RUMs it is offered in (7mm or .300)
The Sendero is essentially a more accurate 700 with a fluted stainless 26" heavy barrel, an extremely nice gun, and even though Tang is a Ruger man, I'm fairly sure he has nothing bad to say about the quality or accuracy of the Sendero he used to own

If your experianced then this is probably the way to go.But it gets you over your budget as the rifle alone cost more than your willing to pay . Then you also need a good scope to go along with that rifle .
In fact you really need two guns . you could hunt with a Savage Edge or a Marlin Bolt action in 308 W to 3006 which would cost about 400 dollars depending where you shop , and these guns would suit to hunt .But they would not be something for a day at the gun club on the range .

How ever to target shoot , you need a rifle that weighs a bit more, a longer and heavier barrel ,a good scope for target use, as the cross hairs would be too thick on a hunting scope, then for target a hunting scope the cross hairs would be too fine and too much power to hunt with . Then a different stock than a hunting rifle and so on .A rifle suited for the range then is going to be too heavy and awkward for hunting.
So again you should go to the range and see what is being used and note what calipier . then decide what you want to buy first . A target rifle , or a hunting rifle .

So in respect to say it differently, you want to do two jobs . For one you need a good solid truck, and the other you just need a car.
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The Remington 700 Sps is far from being a decent target rifle witch would be Vipinaiter's main use . It would be a fine hunting rifle no less.
I am considering the main use for the rifle and leaning towards that goal rather than Hunting as I remember -was going to be about 10 % of the use just off hand .IF the was not going to be walking he could carry a nine pound rifle to hunt , but a 6.5 pound hunting rifle is not long firing in the bench.
Another consideration might be a Model 700 Police , or Tactical gun but we are in what he has to spend , just alone on a rifle .

A Tikka T3 HB Varmit or Tactical, might figure in to the pot also , then he would also not need to do any trigger work , for the gun is ready to go out of the box, and in a calpier of choice up from 233 to and including the 300 Mag.
The t3 might also be cheaper for him than for us, in North America.

Then too we should also know what he then intends to hunt , be it deer wild hogs or Moose .
Well Vipinaiter Here you go !! You then still have some Money for a scope !!
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