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In looking at your post, I think perhaps a look at your chronograph itself might be in order!  Some brands of chronographs are very sensitive to atmospheric conditions, and with varying lighting can deliver greatly varying velocity readings, consistent for that session, but inconsistent with other shooting sessions.

When you are getting such readings, and questioning your chronographs reliability, a simple check is to run some good quality .22LR through the skyscreens as a control.  The .22's are very consistent when fired from rifles, and very predictable with quality ammo.  This makes a very inexpensive way to check the reliability of your chronograph readings for that session.

Brian, I really doubt that your ammo is producing such extreme differences in velocity, especially the H110 loads with the 335 grain bullet.  As you said, you would have noticed a change in recoil, a change in point of impact on your target, and a change in pressure signs when extracting fired cases.

Give the Chrono a lie detector test!

God Bless,

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