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You are absolutely wrong!!!!!! It is his job, responsibility and legal right to investigate an alarm on property which is in his care. We hire law enforcement officers to do that which we are afraid, or incapable of doing ourselves. When a law enforcement officer is called to the scene of an alarm it is in the capacity of de-facto agent for the person actually responsible for that property. If you do not believe or understand this, then you are one of the many who have been sold the bill-of-goods that you must allow someone else ( law enforcement) to do your job for you.

Further, the matter that they were shot from behind could have a quite reasonable explanation which is a defense under law, you have watched too many cowboy movies.

So far as a citizens rights are concerned, here in Utah, as well as many other states, a citizen has the same rights of arrest as a law enforcement officer. The sole exception to this is arrest for probable cause.

If you are interested, I retired after 21 years in law enforcement in Utah.

Rocknload has said what is most important, pray for the Pastor and that this matter is adjudicated in a fair manner and in accord with the Constitution.
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