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Cimarron model 'P' now in stainless

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I've never posted here because I do not have a SAA revolver. But now it seems that my wish has come true. I received my Guns of the Old West today. In there is an advertisement for Cimarron F.A. Co. with a STAINLESS Model 'P'. Calibers will be 45 Colt and 357 Magnum with 4.75", 5.5" and 7.5" barrels. Great news. I've been wishing someone would come out with a stainless SAA that handles and feels like a COLT.

I think I have found a companion for my stainless Rossi 92.:D
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:D :D :D :D

Like OH, Goodie goodie WOW!!!!

Did they happen to mention a price?????

Will it be a HI Polish or matt finish?

Details I need details.
According to the ad it will be available in May, 2003. The retail price is $549.00 but I'm pretty sure they can be acquired for less. There are plenty of dealers that will charge 10% over dealer price.

The ad says, "Now the famous Cimarron Model 'P' is available in durable and beautiful polished Stainless Steel."

The ad starts off with Cimarron Territory the STAINLESS FRONTIER.

On the New Products Guns & Gear That Caught Our Eye page of Guns of The Old West the article states, "Cimarron announces its Stainless Frontier."

That is all I've got. I checked their webpage. Nothing yet.
After reading your post I clicked on over to Cimmerons web site. Nope didn't see anything.
But I am going to look for one of these new SA's. Probably wont get one till I get the (bleep) outa Illinois though.
Thanks for the info.
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