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It's a copy of a Colt SAA so definitely NOT in the same league as a Ruger.

Unless the Win ammo is marked "Ruger Only" or some such, I would think it would be safe in your gun. Most companies who market high-pressure loads for the Rugers take great pains to mark their ammo as such. Silvertips aren't known for being fire-breathing loads, anyway. Check with the gun manufacturer and Winchester if there is the slightest doubt.

So.... while the debate may rage over the strength of that particular gun (and in fact with better metallurgy it may be a slight improvement over the old Colt).... it would probably be the smartest thing to stick with 'standard' .45 Colt loads.

Now, that's not exactly a pipsqueak level. Speer manual shows 260gr. bullets (jacketed) at just over 900fps, and below SAAMI max of 14,000CUP. You might bump that a bit (especially with cast bullets) without causing trouble but I suspect that will be about all the recoil you want to deal with any way.

That will easily kill a deer if you do your part... and snakes... and coyotes.... and the occasional pig also.
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