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  The Marlin's real easy, can't tell you about the other ones.

  Open the action about half way. Remove the lever pivot screw and pull out the lever. Pull out the bolt. The ejector is now sitting loose in it's groove on the left side of the receiver behind the ejection port. Take it out. Tweezers help if you've got big fingers. Done.

  Reassemble in reverse order. Getting the ejector back in is the tricky bit. There's a small stud on it that goes in a hole through the side of the receiver. The hole will be covered if you've a side mounted peep sight. Hold the ejector in place with a finger tip while you slide the bolt back in. Leave the bolt at the half way point and replace the lever.  

  You may have missed my post about bore guides in the old forum. A MTM bore guide for a Remington 700, Etc., is an extremely fit in a Marlin. It sure keeps the excess Hoppes' out of the action, but I had a few thin strips of plastic peel off it when I pulled it out, the first few times I used it. One of them got up through the lever slot near the front of the bolt and jammed the firing pin just enough to cause a few misfires.

  If you're new here, check out the old shooter's forum. The link is at the top of the page. There's a ton of good stuff there.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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