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I really should be posting this in the humor section of the forum but this is what I heard on the news last night. Bill Klinton says that if Israel is attacked he will pick up a rifle, jump into a trench and die fighting. Now this is the same guy that refused to serve his country in Vietnam not mention leading and organizing demonstrations against the U.S. This is also the same guy that spent his time in office talking about how much he hates guns and the people who beleive in their right to own them. I can't believe that anybody that truly loves this country could have voted for that jerk.:mad:

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Just more self-serving BS from the meister of such garbage pandering to Jewish folks apparantly too stupid to realize he doesn't really mean it. He knows darn well that if the Iraqi army rolled toward Israel it would be a smoking trail of wreckage before it got anywhere near the Jordan River. And notice that he left himself plenty of 'outs' in his statement, per his usual pattern. Lots of use of the word 'is', you know.

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I have seen a cartoon of a rifle that fires backwards usually referred to as a "(XYZ ethnicity) target rifle". I propose that we find said cartoon and begin a collection to have a like rifle built in presentation grade for President Billy Jeff and hope he begins training to aid the Israelis soon.


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I didn't see the article but I bet he didn't say he would pick up HIS rifle.

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I voted for him a grand total of "ZERO" times. I cannot believe that he is still around shooting his big mouth off & the press eats it up & trys to actually make him look credible. I say give him a rifle & let him jump in a ditch.

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Clinton got about 43% of the vote in the two elections. So the majority of the voters favored someone else. Perot & his nutcases split the rest of the vote with Bush I and Dole, respectively.

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Probably shouldn't bring this thread back up but found the following humorous add-on to the situation....

What follows is a double-secret transcript of the induction interview between
Bill Clinton and a recruiting sergeant of the Israeli army:
SGT: Name?
RECRUIT: William Jefferson Clinton.
SGT: Clinton? Is that a Jewish name?
CLINTON: No, sir. It's not. But some people say I was the first Jewish
SGT: President of what?
CLINTON: President of the United States. I was also the first Black president.
SGT: Ok. You have to answer a few simple questions. First: Do you have any
military experience?
SGT: Describe your military experience.
CLINTON: Well, I learned how to salute during the Transition back in 1992. I
thought you were supposed to bend your thumb underneath when you saluted; but
they taught me to keep my thumb next to my index finger. I got pretty good. I
could really snap one off when I stepped off Marine One.
SGT: You never served in the United States military?
CLINTON: Oh! That! Hades, I was the Commander-in-Chief! Of course I served. I
saluted and everything.
SGT: Have you ever been indicted?
CLINTON: Well, that depends on your definition of "indicted." I was never
indicted by a grand jury.
SGT: Let me ask another way. Have you ever had to testify at your own trial?
CLINTON: No. Absolutely not. Never had to testify. Nope.
SGT: Have you ever had your license revoked or suspended?
CLINTON: Like, driver's license? No. Absolutely not. Nope.
SGT: Any other kind of license?
CLINTON: Suspended? No. Now, a fair-minded person would not consider having SURRENDERED a license - like a, um, I don't know, like, say, a license to
practice law - for a brief period of time - a suspension, so, no. Absolutely
not. Nope.
SGT: You said that you wanted to die for Israel?
CLINTON: That's not exactly what I said. What I said was "if the Iraqi or the
Iranian army came across the Jordan River, I would personally grab a rifle, get
in a ditch, and fight and die."
SGT: Did you know that neither Iraq nor Iran border the Jordan River?
CLINTON: Imagine that.
SGT: Did you know that Iraq would have to march all the way across Syria or
Jordan before they got to Israel?
CLINTON: Hmm. Really?
SGT: And that Iran would have to cross Iraq AND Syria or Jordan before they got
to Israel?
CLINTON: That far. Who knew?
SGT: Mr. Clinton what about the notion of Iraq launching missiles against
CLINTON: That would be bad.
SGT: But would that qualify as "coming across the Jordan River?"
CLINTON: No. I would have to say not. That would not qualify.
SGT: So it would take an actual soldier crossing the River for you to "grab a
rifle, get in a ditch, and fight and die?"
CLINTON: I believe I said "army" the Iraqi or Iranian ARMY.
SGT: So, not a company?
CLINTON: Oh, no.
SGT: Battalion?
CLINTON: I don't think so.
SGT: A brigade? A division? A corps?
CLINTON: You know, I always wanted to ask the difference between a brigade and a
division, but I had to practice that saluting.
SGT: Next -
CLINTON: And, there would have to be a ditch. An actual ditch. I said I would
"get in a ditch." If there were no ditch, I believe a fair-minded person would
agree that Israel had not kept its part of the bargain.
SGT: This is a desert. We don't have that many ditches.
CLINTON: Well, then ...
SGT: These men standing behind you. Are they willing to fight also?
CLINTON: I can't speak for them. They're my security detail.
SGT: (To a Secret Service Agent) Would you be willing to watch this man "get in
a ditch, and fight and die?"
AGENT: (Not smiling) We've watched him do worse.
CLINTON: Say, on that point. In the Israeli army, female soldiers get into
ditches, too, right?
SGT: (Stamping a form) Mr. Clinton. We'll get back to you.
CLINTON: Does this mean you won't accept me in the Israeli army?
SGT: Yes. That's what it means.
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