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Home from our hunt in unit 70. This was by far our best trip for big bucks. The rut was on and we saw a lot of nice bucks on the ranch we were hunting. My partner started off on the first morning tagging a big non typical to start of with. That buck was aged at 8 yrs old. I passed several bucks up before I tagged my best buck ever after seeing him the second day and couldn't get my rifle loaded because I couldn't feel my fingers and was fumbling and juggling my shells in my hand. Spent the rest of that day looking for him. Found him on the 3rd day walking down a creek bed not far from where I'd seen him the day before.Took him with my 270 wsm and 130 gr Nos AB. Quartering away @ 180 yds. All totaled we took 6 bucks for 7 hunters. One fellow also tagged a 6x4 bull elk. On the way out after the hunt was over we saw several more bucks chasing doe's that we hope will survive for another season.
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