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Colt 1911 Dissasembly Question---Mainspring Housing Removal.

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I would like to replace the arched mainspring housing on my old pre-war A1 military colt with a flat 1911-style (WWI) mainspring housing with lanyard loop. My question is, can this be done by just removing the mainspring housing unit via removing the mainspring housing pin? (and then transferring the spring inside to the new flat housing?) Or will I have to also remove the safety, hammer pin, and hammer assembly? Is this a very difficult task and do I need to know any special tricks to perform this change.
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Hi, Clement:
You don't have to touch the hammer to change mainspring housings, although this is a good time to strip it completely and give it a real cleaning.

First, study these two pages.

A few details. Lower the hammer before you drive out the mainspring housing pin (part 29). The pin has a domed and a concave side. Push on the concave side of the pin. That keeps your punch centered. Yes, you're supposed to push it out to the right, but it might be in backwards. If the housing is tight in the frame, cocking the hammer usually pushes it out.

The pin has a groove in the middle that the retainer (part 30) drops into. Once you get the pin pushed far enough to get the retainer out of the groove it goes easy. Remember to switch the retainer to the other housing.

Getting the mainspring cap pin (part 27) out is easier if you can compress the mainspring while you push it. An extra pair of hands helps here. You need a GOOD 1/16" pin punch like a Snap-On PPC402A for this job. You'll need it if you change the ejector too.

Give me a holler if you're still buffaloed.

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Unless you plan to detail strip the pistol, put a rubber band around the grip safety before you punch out the pin for the MSH. It'll save you some grief.
Hi, Gents:
Good point. It keeps the sear spring in place.

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