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Colt 1911 Post House Fire

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Need some cleaning advise!

A number of a friends guns went through a house fire and received a good bet of mild heat and smoke damage.

The friend is very knowledgeable about fire arms and the process of overall cleaning and repair has gone slow but largely do-able. The Colt 1911 .45 is continuing to be a problem though....

All of the parts have been repeatedly cleaned and/or replaced as needed. The main frame parts have been repeatedly cleaned and buffed out but within in days continue to show signs of continuing corrosion.

My assumptions is that there continues to be corrosive chemicals embedded in the parts' finish that has not been removed or neutralized.

Does any have any suggestion on what can be used to address the issue w/out causing additional damage to the frame parts?

Any suggestions welcome.

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What is the finish on the 1911? Did the gun also get some water from the fire suppression, or just smoke? Probably going to be a bit difficult to diagnose this since probably nobody knows what got burned in the fire and got deposited on the gun, and may be reacting to the cleaning...regular solvent & gun oil used for cleaning? Any estimates of the temp of the 'mild heat'?
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