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Hi, Mike:
   Just to confuse things a bit more, the 8th edition of Cartridges of the World lists a .40-60 Colt, which is almost idwntical to the .40-6O Marlin. It has a slight shoulder and is not listed in the 7th Edition.  McPherson is almost certain the .40-60 Marlin & .40-65 Winchester would chamber and fire. And yes, the .40-60 Winchester is a different cartridge.

  Here's a link to dimensions of over 1300 cartridges.

  Ken Waters does the .40-65 Winchester in his Pet Loads article in the December 2001 issue of Handloader Magazine. It should be on the stands now. He only has data for two bullets, an AFSCO and a DKT, both jacketed. He thinks the AFSCO is out of production and the DKT is &#36&#36&#36&#36. There's one from Hawk too (&#36&#36&#36&#36). Cast bullets like the Lyman 403169 or the Redding-SAECO 576 would be my choice since they'd be easier on that old barrel.

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