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Any one have or know info about original Colt SAA. I've seen in gunsmithing products that there is an ejector rod (for my Vaquero) that has a "Bulls Eye Button" and it said it was the same type used by the original Colts. Is this true?

Also, on the original Colts, how was the cylinder base pin kept in place? Was there a "set" screw or something? They didn't have a spring loaded locking screw like what is found on a Vaquero, did they?

If there was a set screw, can you describe what it looked like and if it screwed in from the side or under the base pin?

Or better yet, if you might have a picture that you could upload or a website that might have a detailed close-up picture.


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I'm not an X-spurt on Colt SAA's by any means, but I can answer some of your questions.

The bullseye ejector rods sold for the Rugers are copies of the original Colt rods.

The cylinder base pin was originally held in by a screw that screwed into the front of the frame just below the base pin at an upward angle.
The spring loaded cross pin first appeared in the late 1890's just before Colt said the SAA's were safe with smokeless powder.

I don't have any photos of a original Colts, but the Cimarron clones are very good copies. Here is a link to the Cimarron site.

This should show some of the features that are correct to an original Colt.

Edited by author for spelling errors. Hope I didn't make any more.
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