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The Winchester 1300 is just a slightly updated mdl. 1200.

The 1200 has at least 4 major problems that I've experienced. Right after purchase in 1971 my 1200 was replaced for cutting shells open at the mouth as they fed into the barrel. Apparently, the wide cut for the extractor was sharp as a razor on that one and the replacement does not cut shells. This same 1970's vintage 1200 had some type of sinistered metal trigger guard assembly. This assembly failed for me as I fired on a running buck during a dog drive in the early 80's. The part broke in half shutting the gun down! The replacement trigger guard assembly was made of plastic and no further failures have occured.

The next failure involved the breakage of the left slide arm during a dove shoot. The replacement slide arm assembly seemed heavier and has not failed. The weakest part of the 1200 has to be the riveted right and left shell stops. I have had to replace those also.

I was 13 at the time my father purchased this 1200 for me with money I earned cutting lawns. I chose this model because of the winchoke option as I could not afford to buy extra barrels at the time. Now 32 years later with all the parts replacing (no gunsmiths involved) the old 1200 works and still accompanies me on several hunts each year. But given the top drawer reputation of the 870 today that is what I would buy. I say that in spite of Remingtons ****able magazine capacity limiting detents and flimsy plastic magazine follower.
R. McLaney
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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