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The Communion of the Wolf Worshipers

The wolf worshipers love and adore the lupine species.
They're in the forest in their Subarus and Mitsubishis.
They head out to the field
In the hopes it will yield
Their communion wafers which are made from wolf feces.

Yes, the First Amendment protects their sacred right
To practice their wolf cult on each full moon night
They share in the gnosis
Of Echinococcus granulosis
When the wolf stools have been sliced up just right.

In their wolf fetish from mountains to coast,
They gather in secret groves to be engrossed
In the dance 'round the phallus
Of Canis lupus occidentalis
As they devoutly take the tapeworm laden host!

They genuflect and stick out their tongue
To receive the precious slice of wolf dung
Then with dropping in jowl,
They look moonward to howl
And in unison, the wolfgod worship is sung.

Then they wash the scat down with a chug
From their chalice-like large wooden mug.
In a secret cistern
They gather wolf urine
For their wolf wine from a forest fireplug.

So now you know why they just had to destroy
Montana's game with the plans of an alter boy
By the name of Ed Bangs
Whose every wish hangs
On the rulings of the Wolf High Priest Molloy!

Molloy lets wolves devour our Big Game and stock
'Cause he's the leader of the wolf worship flock
But most Montanans can tell
That this wolfish Cromwell
Issues decisions that're an environmentalist crock!
Charles Ulysses Feney
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