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My 44 mag Marlin 1894 lever is still in layaway and I am trying to decide on a receiver sight for it. I have checked the Lyman, williams, and ashley sites and the dealers and things just get very confusing. I have an e-mail into AO but from what I am seeing you can't just say you have a 1894 and get the right set up.
Will I have to wait to see what bases I have for the front sight before I know which front post set up to get and do all the brands fit the predrilled holes in the 1894 for the receiver rear sight apeture?
Then there is the apeture size and post size. I think I know I wanted the biggest rear apeture and a good visible front post and Ashley suggests a combination for hunting but does one of their sets come with that combination?
Sounds like I have to wait and get my rifle and then call the tech lines for the vendor I pick and have my caliper in hand to give measurements.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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