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conical bullets

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I picked up lyman's new blackpowder loading manual. On some of the loads Sam Fadala used a wonder wad between the powder & conical bullet. As I understood at ignition the conical bullet expands to grip the rifling, Why use the wonder wad, wouldn't this prevent that?
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With muzzleloaders, wads can do several things. They can help prevent gas blow-by. Definitely a requirement with black-powder shotguns! They can help prevent chainfires in cap and ball revolvers. With a hollow-based conical, gas blow-by should be controlled by expansion of the bullet skirt. I suppose an extra wad doesn't hurt things? Also, if the wad is soaked in an appropriate black-powder lube, it will help keep the fouling soft. It might even wipe out some from the previous shot.

Suspect the last reason is what drives the recommendation. Then again, it just may have turned out the load was more accurate with the wad than without. Sometimes you just don't know why, you just do it.....
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