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I own a left handed Model 700, chambered for 7mm Mag. , and am wondering if this rifle can be re-chambered for one of the new Ultra Mags.
Is the recoil lug arrangement beefy enough to handle the larger Ultra Mag rounds?
Will the stock have to have any additional  work done to it?
I would like to have the gun re-barreled to 375 Ultra Mag but seems the very large 375 may be too much for the exisiting stock and bedding system.
Anyone out there with any experience with this conversion?

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Roger- This is technically possible, but you'd probably be money ahead to try trading the 7 mag off at your local gunstore for the 7 RUM. I'm more concerned about feeding problems than anything else, the box magazines feed lips should be done by someone who really, really knows what they're doing. Are you actually needing the extra power or is this a "want to" kind of thing. If you need more power, takeoff barrels for Remingtons abound in this world, and you should be able to find one in .338 Win mag ,.375 H&H or 416 Rem mag. These would make for simpler conversions than going to the RUM cases, which are markedly larger in diameter.
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