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Has anyone tried taking a NEF .44 Rem Mag Handi-Rifle and having the chamber reamed to .445 Super Mag?  Will the gun handle the .445 Super Mag?  Last of all, would the conversion be worth it or would it basically duplicate .444 Marlin performance?

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Having owned a 445 Super in a Contender Carbine and Both a 444 Marlin and a 445 Super in a Contender handgun, I'd opt in your circumstance to go with the Marlin instead.

To me, in the larger and beefier configuration of the Handi-Rifle the Marlin would be an excellent caliber. Plus, you would have the added versatility of loading down to 44 mag level on up through the 445 Super level to full house loads with the Marlin. You have the barrel length naturally to take advantage of it too.

The Marlin operates very near the other two cartridges pressure-wise so it would be no problem in the Handi. Keep in mind the Handi is chambered in high intensity rounds like the 280 Rem etc.

Guys over on the Yahoo board have had this rechamber done to the Handi with very good results. I would even be willing to bet there will be a factory barrel in this caliber someday.



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I went through a stress analysis on my 45-70 handi rifle to tell if it was trapdoor, lever, or Ruger #1 strength.

I did that in  the public forrum rec.guns a cople years ago. There were many critisisims and corrective actions to iron the process out.

A Google search of rec.guns againt the author "clark" and containg, "handi stress" will yield the articles.
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