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Converting a rem 700 .308 into a 300 win mag?

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I was going to build a custome .308 rem 700 starting with the action. I wanted to start in .308 and eventually convert it into a 300 win mag when I shoot the barrel out. (Kinda like the m24). would it be ok if I started with a long action to make it into a .308? ( I see a lot of 7mm rem mags for sale cheap). Plus im lefthanded and every used 700 seems to be in 7mm. Anyway would this be a good path to go on?
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If you start with a .308 built on a standard-length action, then yes, you could go to .300 Win Mag. If you start out with a short-action M700 -- which a factory M700 will be (and if it's a Model 7, the action will be even shorter) -- then conversion to the longer .300 would not be practical.
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