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Converting std to improved?

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Hello everyone,
I have a "spare" WIN 94, that I would like to rechamber to AI. I consider myself pretty "handy" and think I can do it myself, although I have never recut or cut a chamber before. Soooooo.....

Can I do it without pulling the barrel?, it looks like I have room, once I pull the bolt.

Any tips?

Muchas Gracias
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Running a chamber reamer thru an action CAN be done but there is more chance of cutter chatter(bad chamber) You are not removing a lot of mat. on the A.I. chamber so it might be workable. I have a 30-30 A.I.and I think it is a pretty good round. I should tell tou that the last set of dies I priced (from Midway) were almost $100.00

CH/4D sells a set for $60. Best to supply 2 fired cases with your order. You can even just get the Sizing die alone for less money if you currently have a seater die that you can use.

Give them a call when you are ready for dies. They are good people to deal with.

They have reamers for over a thousand cartridges, some never heard of.

Their dies are excellent quality.


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Marshall just posted a very timely article on dies for some of the Ackley Improved cartridges in the Tech Notes section.
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