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Cop Takes Sec Amend Sign

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"A man in Somers, N.Y., hatched a plan to catch the individual responsible for allegedly stealing his pro-gun signs repeatedly from his front yard. He bought a trail cam, set it up near the sign — and then waited.

When he learned that his sign had been taken yet again, he was elated because he knew he had finally caught the person responsible on camera.

He just didn’t expect that person to be a uniformed police officer.

Assuming the photos are entirely authentic, a police officer with the Somers Police Department appears to have been caught on camera ripping the sign, which reads: “Protect the Second Amendment,” from the man’s front yard. It wasn’t immediately clear if the police officer had removed the sign previously too or if the action was ordered by Somers PD.

TheBlaze has left messages with the Somers Police Department as well as the man who claims his signs were removed from his property on multiple occasions.

Here’s the photo evidence, which the man posted on the pro-gun forum on Monday (also notice the timestamps of the photos):"

The man, who TheBlaze has been unable to contact so far, goes by the username “thecelt” on the forum. He explained exactly how the situation developed in a series of posts:

I sent an extra $20 donation to scopeny and they give you a repeal the safe act sign… I put it up and one scumbag neighbor called the town building inspector to complain. I got a letter for being in violation of a town code. As per advice on this forum from nyshooter I could fight it on grounds of my 1st amendment rights… so I called the town BI and after telling him ill fight it in court he asked what kind of sign it was so I said a pro2a sign so he said leave it up. A week or so later he called me back because the [neighbor] cried again and I said that I’m leaving it up. A day or so later my sign went missing…So I wanted to buy a trail cam first so I could catch the thief and press charges(can’t justify spending the money on one yet) before putting up another sign but I decided to make a sign of my own with plywood and I’m going to drive a couple 2×4 stakes in the ground so someone would have to really work to remove it.. here is a picture of the sign… tomorrow ill get a pic of it installed. Btw the stencils took quite a while to make and I rushed the paint work because I didn’t want to wait for one side to dry filly before doing the back side (both sides are the same)

One can understand why he first thought one of his neighbors, who was clearly against his Second Amendment sign and underlying message supporting the repeal New York’s so-called SAFE Act, was responsible.

But after setting up his camera, which he reportedly bought with the help of donations from fellow members on, the man learned that a police officer had taken his sign — at least on this occasion.

“Very strange turn of events…and im not quite sure where to go with this now,” he wrote. “[It's] the freaking SOMERS PD.”

It is entirely possible that the Somers Police Department had the “legal” right to remove the sign, though many on the forum say the man’s constitutional right to free speech was violated regardless.

As the man who posted the photos points out: “this is my property, although i have to find out if the town claims any rights to property on the edge of the road as this was about 4-5′ in from the edge of the roadway.” He also admitted that he was instructed to remove the sign once by the town’s building inspector, though he claims he ultimately was told he could leave it up.

In his final post on Monday, “thecelt” said he was seeking legal advice before taking any action or notifying the police department.

However, he also said he was “highly offended my constitutional rights are being violated and i certainly expect some action to be taken.”

Fed-Up NY Man Sets Up Hidden Camera to Find Out Who Was Repeatedly Stealing His Pro-Gun Sign
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Excellent post and nice photos. I am glad the PD is "Here to Serve and Protect".....

Correct me if I am wrong, but, unless there is some ordnance against having a sign in front of your house, isn't that just A BIT ILLEGAL for the cop to be doing that?????

And if there is an ordnance against signs in the front yard, why was it yanked out anonymously without a citation being written against someone for putting it there?

I bet the cop wouldn't have yanked out an Obama 2012 sign.
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I'm thinking there's more to this story than meets the eye.

I sense that this fellow might have had run ins with his neighbors and the city before.
I'm thinking there's more to this story than meets the eye.

I sense that this fellow might have had run ins with his neighbors and the city before.
So obviously, the persons rights must have been revoked.
Cops are people too and having a badge and a gun does not inherently make them either good or bad, or immune to political views or the whims of their bosses.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.
So obviously, the persons rights must have been revoked.
Just saying it's hard to pass judgment when you only have half the story.
The other fact is we don't even completely have a full side of the story. This is off of a forum, not first hand information. Has this story been in any new or media yet? or is anyone here in that forum?
The man should put the sign in his front window. Then let the local constabulary come take it...
This is the thread (original poster) that started this whole thing that is now nationwide news: so , remember my repeal the safe act sign issue....

This is the thread (original poster) that started this whole thing that is now nationwide news: so , remember my repeal the safe act sign issue....

Great work Dan! I could not find the original thread.
If it was me, I would put the sign back up and solder a length of zip cord to it making it appear to be electrified, then see if the cop will pull it out of the ground again.
I read quite a bit of the text on the forum of this story. I agree this is wrong if what seems to be going on is in fact going on. What bothers me is this fellow seems to be pretty pliable when others are telling him what he should do.

There are a lot of people on forums giving maybe good, maybe not so good advice on how he should handle his situation. They have nothing to lose. I hope he doesn't get talked into doing something he will later regret.

Problem neighbors are an issue everywhere. Unless he or his neighbors are willing to move they will have to find a way to resolve this problem as they will continue to be neighbors for possibly a long time.

Constant fighting with a neighbor seldom ends well and makes for a tense life. I have gone out of my way in the past to keep peace with neighbors and it paid off. Be the bigger man, let it go, and kill them with kindness.

A yard sign hardly seems worth all the headaches. He will still have his principles without a sign. No one can take that away.
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Walt45 Lets remember that Como's term is up this November & I hope that the Dirt Bag does not get re- Elected after all what he did to us with his B. S. new gun Law. I am voting for th Republican Guy.
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