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Copper Solids and Groove Bullet Accuracy

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Im a new member here and though I might share with you some pictures of my latest load developments.For the past 9 months or so I've been playing with a bullet from a new company called Groove Bullet Company.
These bullets are cnc lathe turned copper solids and I have found them to be very accurate.They also have the advantage of not blowing up or comming apart
when being driven to extreme velocities.I realize that this sight is dedicated to cast bullets shooters. But feel that some of you might find this interesting.
The rifle is a Rem 722 in 257 Roberts. The bullet was a 101g Groove EXP Bullet sitting on top of 50g of Reloader 19 in a Win case set off with a CCI-BR primer
The group was fired at 100 yards and measures .500

The next group was fired from a Sako 75 in 338 Win Mag.The bullet was a 206g Groove EXP Bullet sent on it way with 80.5g of Vihtavuori N560 out of a Win case and a CCI-BR primer.The average velocity was 3034 fps and the group below measures .556. It hurts to shoot this one.

The last group is from a custom built Rem 700 by A gunsmith named Dan Dowling. Its a 300 Win Mag in a Mcmillian GP stock 4-16x50 S&B PMII scope.Gary Schneider barrel,Answer break.The load
is a 159g Groove EXP Bullet on top of 79g of Reloader 22, CCI-BR primer, Norma case. Average velocity 3377 fps. The group below measures 1.405 and was fired at 300 yards.

Any and all comments are welcome.
Group shooting and huntng are my only hobbies.
You guys have a great week!!!
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What's the velocity of that .257 load?

That's a heck of a 300 yard group!
Nice shooting! I gather these bullets are solid copper, but are they designed to expand like the Barnes X-bullets? I was just wondering if they are game bullets or target bullets.

Looks like they are plenty accurate!
The velocity of the 257 Roberts was 3187 fps measured at 15 feet with a Ohler 33.I bought this gun a number of years ago because I liked the machine work. It was made back in the mid 1950s.They dont make um like that any more.The stock has lots of dings on it but once I got it cleaned up it turned out to be a real shooter.Now I use it as my loan a gun
IDShooter said:
Nice shooting! I gather these bullets are solid copper, but are they designed to expand like the Barnes X-bullets? I was just wondering if they are game bullets or target bullets.
Looks like they are plenty accurate!
They will expand but they are not designed like an X bullet.They are a CNC lathe turned copper bullet with a deep hole drilled into the front.I think the idea here is to keep a high BC to the target animal and then loose it front end soon after impact, and drive on through the body cavity as a flat point.If your shot placement is poor and your looking for a exit hole this is the bullet.
Xbullets, X bullets are split by a press to form the X on the front of the bullet and then pounded into shape by impact dies thus work harding the surface. Thats why standard uncoated X bullets foul like no tommorrow.
If I had to compare Groove bullets to any other bullet Id probley say that in least in my experience they equal the accuracy of a ballistic tip and penetrate better than an X and as a uncoated bullet,copper foul less than either one.
Back in janurary I traveled to Texas on a hog hunt, the picture on the bottom is my hog shot with the 300 Win Mag with the 159g Groove EXP bullet. This is not the performance of a full metal jacket or a AP round.

The picture below is a test we did to see how well the bullets would penetrate. We shot one gallon steel cans filled with water spaced 1 inch apart at 100 yards. For the test we used the Sako 338 Win mag usuing a 206g Groove EXP bullet,the same load in the picture above.And the same powder charge with a 210g Partition.The Partition was recovered from the 5th can and the Groove bullet was recovered from the 9th can.It Penetrated almost 50% more.

I think its fair to say that more testing needs to be done. But so far im pretty happy
with the performance.This hunting season will give us alot better idea of how well they are really working.I think the nitch for these bullets are going to be for high velocity small caliber rounds taking on big animals.And in the bigger rounds 30 cal and up being able to know that your going to get a exit hole in just about any type of situtation.
And I am pretty meticulous in my testing.Terminal performance on game animals is
going to take some time. But accuracy testing can be done anytime.The groups I shot were not flukes.

The 300 Win mag at 100 yards.

The first time out with 338 Win mag and the Vihtavuori load.

You have a great weekend !!!
dave :)
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Where were you hunting? How was the hunt - looks like a good time was had. I may have to try some of these in my Roberts.
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