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Cornbread~Creole Style

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Koanbred's Creole-Styled Cornbread

This recipe takes two days:

1st Day (PM)

a) Soak 2 cups of yellow cornmeal in 4 cups of buttermilk in a large ceramic bowl over night

b) Bake 7 slices of bacon at 300 F until brown all over, place bacon on paper towels, pat dry and cover with paper towels. Leave the bacon out over night. Save the bacon grease in metal cup for the next day

2nd Day (AM)

Preheat oven at 350 F

a) Crumble the bacon into tiny bits

b) In a large stainless steel mixing bowl, place 3.50 cups of sifted all-purpose flour

c) Add 2 tsp salt to the mixing bowl

d) Add 3.0 TBS baking powder

e) Add .5 tsp baking soda

f) Add .5 cup brown sugar

g) Add .5 cup regular granulated sugar and stir the entire mixture for 20 seconds

h) Place 6 large eggs into a cup, beat 'em up real bad, set them aside, and wait for the police! :D

i) Place 4 TBS of honey into a small fry pan that has been warmed and add 4 TBS of unsalted butter. Wait for butter to melt and then stir for 5 seconds. This pan should NEVER be HOT!

j) Pour this honey/butter mixture into the cup containing the beaten eggs. Quickly stir for 5 seconds.

k) Now add the egg/honey/butter mixture to the ceramic bowl containing the soaking cornmeal. Quickly stir for 10 seconds.

l) Now add the contents of the ceramic bowl to the stainless steel bowl and frantically mix all ingredients with a whisk for 2 minutes.

m) Into the stainless steel bowl containing the mixture that you have just mixed, place 1.5 cups of whole kernel corn and the bacon bits from the previous night. Stir mixture for 6 seconds with a wooden spoon.

* Do not pour mixture into pan until bacon grease has been melted in pan.

Into a 12 X 16 inch baking pan (or whatever will hold mixture) with about .25 inch clearance from the top, place about 3 TBS (tablespoons) of bacon grease into the pan.

Place pan into oven for about 90 seconds or until bacon grease has completely melted.

Next, use paper towels to soak up bacon grease and to wipe the sides and the bottom of the pan, leaving only approximately 1 TBS of melted bacon grease remaining.

Now pour the cornbread mixture into the pan and stir slowly for 20 seconds, with wooden spoon.

Finally, place the pan and its contents into the 350 F preheated oven and bake until the top surface is golden brown
(30-45 minutes) or until done. Internal Temperature should registure 185 F at the center below the surface of cornbread.
Do not open oven before 1/2 hour has passed.:)


For Thanksgiving Dressing, use half of all the ingredients in this recipe, except for the granulated sugar, the brown sugar, and the honey. Omit all of those sweets!
After making this new batch for the Dressing, freeze it until the day before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving eve, thaw it out overnight.
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We're waiting for the results with great anticipation, Dave!
Mmmmm................mouth watering for it now. The wife used to make cornbread (Southwest style), but now just buys the box stuff that tastes like the box it came from. May have to get her to read this! ;)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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