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This dish has been a favorite of my family for years, and never ceases to produce an exquisitely flavored, tender goose.... every time!

<li>1    Average Goose (Or Goose Breasts 4-6 lbs)
<li>1   12oz. Can Whole Cranberry Relish
<li>1   12oz. Can Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate
<li>2    Medium Spanish Onions
<li>3    Cloves Garlic (Minced)
<li>2    Fresh Oranges
<li>1    Fresh Lemon
<li>1    Tbsp. Marjoram
<li>1    Tblsp. Tyme
<li>2    tblsp. Fresh Chopped Basil
<li>1/4 Cup Wine Vinegar
<li>       Fresh Ground Pepper
<li>       Salt

Cut lemon and oranges in half lengthwise, then slice into 1/4" thick slices and set aside.  cut onions into quarters and set aside.

If using whole goose:

Stuff body cavity with equal parts sliced citrus and onions, pack into body cavity tightly, spinkle salt and grind black pepper over breast, thighs and legs to taste, then rub into skin with hand.  Place goose into large crock-pot and place remaining citrus fruit and onions over bird.

If using goose breasts:

Grind black pepper and salt pieces of meat to taste, and rub into meat with hands, then layer into bottom of crock-pot until bottom of pot is covered with a single layer of meat, then add oranges, lemons and onion in a layer over the meat, then add another layer of goose parts on top of citrus and onions, continuing to add layers until all meat is in crock-pot separated by citrus and onions. Place remaining citrus fruit and onions on top of meat.

Now, combine cranberry relish with can of thawed orange juice concentrate, garlic, herbs and vinegar, mixing lightly in bowl.  Pour mixture over goose in crock-pot, whether whole bird or parts.  Replace lid on crock-pot and cook on low for six hours.

When ready to serve, remove bird (or parts)from crock pot and place on serving dish, and using slotted spoon remove citrus fruit, onions and cranberries place these into serving bowl.  

Remaining liquid may be used to make a very tangy brown gravy.

Serve with either mashed potatoes or rice.  Use gravy on rice or potatoes and meat, adding the cooked fruit and onions as a condiment for meat.

Serves four to six hungry people!

God Bless, and enjoy!

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