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Creole Gravy~Onion Flavored (It's just Roux)

Place 2 TBS of fresh corn oil into a hot cast iron skillet. Wait until you know the oil is hot too. Add 2 heaping TBS of flour to the heated cooking oil. All the flour must be completely absorbed by the oil. The consistency will be look more like dry flour than anything wet with oil. Constantly stir the flour/oil mixture with a wooden fork until it turns golden or dark brown. Don't let any part of it get black or you'll have to start all over again!

Once this flour/oil mixture turns the color you desire (I like it one notch beyond golden brown), then pour 3 cups of water into the pan and thoroughly stir the dilute gravy mixture slowly for just about 30 seconds. While the gravy mixture is heating on med-hi heat, add 1/2 very finely diced spanish onion (small onion). After adding the onions, stir the mixture for 30 seconds once again.

Add one teaspoon of soy sauce. Add 1/4 teaspoon salt. Stir it really well! Adjust heat to medium and reduce gravy to desired thickness. Thick is good!

* Never add pepper to gravy, unless it's bell pepper. :)
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