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Critique de of Joseph von Benadikt article

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Mr.von B. Wrote an inclusive comparison between 300 Win. Mags. and the new 300 PRCs’. My own Winnie Mag project was to put a 0.050” deeper neck/throat to give me a 0.314” long FL sized reload, or 0.304” neck sized reload. I formed them from 300 Wea. Pull down brass cases, and trimmed back the extra long necks to fit.
My adaption still shoots factory c 300 Win. Mags. Most importantly to me, are the Hodgdon 4895 reduced loads, up to 165 grs. Bullets. I’ve loaded some down to 308 Win. velocities, in my rare c LH Rem. M 700, magnum length action rifle.
Nothing with larger capacity has published H 4895 loads ( reduced ) for .308” dia. Bullets. My take off, brand new, SS Rem. bbl. Had such a sloppy chamber,,that c corrective proceeding were called for. Feel free to chime in with further input. This isn’t just about flexibility.
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The bottom of my O P was cut off??
Mr. von Benedick made a wildcat out of the 300 PRC so it fits in a standard length magazine box. He uses longer pointybullets, but glosses over excessive head spacing his newbie carrying 300 PRC head stamps.
Your title, suggests this will be a book/periodical review.
Your post suggests you're looking for either handloading, or gunsmithing help....

What exactly is it you're looking for input on?
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