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Custom .220 Swift Pre-buy Inspection - Help Please

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I'm looking at an older custom-made varmint rifle in .220 Swift that was built on a Model 98 action, barreled with a 26" medium weight tapered blued steel barrel, stocked probably with period Bishop wood, estimated date of build - 1960.

Aside from the possibility of a shot-out barrel, what should I be looking for in the way of problems/hazards before I slap down the asking bucks? I do not have the privilege of taking the stock off to look at the bedding, but I sort of doubt it was glass-bedded. The rifle appears to be a respectable piece of work, but I've never bought a military based custom rifle before and I suspect that with any such gun there could be manifold potential fubars in the mechanical department

On the Military Division of this forum I have posted a thread regarding the country of origin of the action.

Sights do not concern me, other than the fact that the one-piece scope base presently sitting on top the receiver might be hiding some issue that I am not aware of.

Thanks for your input.
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Without more detail, the most obvious advice would be to look down the bore for erosion/wear and same with the bolt face. Other than that, just general eyeball inspection of the exterior and base your decision on that.

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Humm, A 50 year old Swift. I would think that if the owner does much shooting, the inside of that barrel needs a good inspection for wear.
But other than that, any abuse is pretty evident.
Everyone needs a Swift
I agree with the 2 before me. I would get someone with borescope to take a good look at it.
A new barrel would be another 300.00 to 400.00.

Thanks all. Seller reports that rifle was shot little. I may take another look tomorrow.

Bolt face - I'll look at that as well as bore. Not sure what a worn throat would look like but if it was cooked I presume the rifling will be gone.

"Everyone needs a Swift." tpv, I was thinking along those lines myself, maybe moving west where I could reach way out and touch something.

I thought someone might insist on a headspace check.
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