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custom made armor piercing dangerous game rounds.

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I have been saving up for a Barrett 50 for quite sometime and I still have a ways to go but what I'm wandering is if a guy could make steel core ammo for my 416. Can it be done? How effective would that round be? Also I'm curious about having some silver bullets made. Could any reloader make them and would they damage my gun if ever fired since silver is harder than copper.
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Ummm, What are you asking?
And, why??
Armor piercing???
I can state that there are many bullet makers that make solids for dangerous game,
Are solids the same as steel core? I don't know alot about this stuff but I guess just wonder if my safari rifle could double as anti vehicle weapon (4 shtf scenario) if armor piercing or solid ammo is obtainable. Like green tip 223s for the rigby.
A 50 cal with any solid bullet would stop a vehicle. A 50 cal BMG is not a safari rifle, you have me a bit worried.
I know what 50bmg is I' m wanduring if there is a 416 rigby round that could make a poor substitute. When I purchase 416s that break the bank I see different types like bonded etc and I'm. Not sure of the differences are but I'm pretty sure none of them have a steel core. For the price of rights I thought it could be worth having "armor piercing"ammo made. Maybe I'm way off b.
Or would I get better penetration on lets say a steel plate with ap 30 06
Hunting ammunition is not steel core. There are many reasons for that.
Can I have steel core rounds made 4 a hunting cartridge?
Can I have steel core rounds made 4 a hunting cartridge?

Yes, you can have steel core rounds made. Above you said you were saving money for a Barret, I would suggest that unless you can buy a few Barrets at a time, say 6 to 10, it's likely you can not afford to have steel core rounds made.

Is this another,. . . . . "would my 50 BMG be good for squirrel hunting threads" ???? :D
I am at a loss for words.

Silver bullets, really? Somebody has been watching too much "Truebloods"

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I've been "wandering" around this thread a bit and am "wondering" just what the intent is. Sounds to me like someone has been watching trash TV overly much.

Last I heard, silver bullets were reserved for the domain of the Lone Ranger and Dracula hunters.

As evident, I can't believe the OP is really serious and is just fishing (trolling) for reactions.
I am at a loss for words. Silver bullets, really? Somebody has been watching too much "Truebloods"
I was thinking "Lone Ranger", as I'm not familiar with "Truebloods".

With lead now costing a about a tenth of silver, silver bullets might not cost much more than some of the ultra premium bullets on the market.

As a former boss at a major technology/engineering firm kept telling me, "Don't tell potential customers what they want can't be done, tell them how much it will cost them."
Silver bullets is fer slayin' warewoofs. :D

kdub, thet's what those Zombygeddin bullets is fer too, is them blood slobberin' critters and warewoofs. I ain't a' skeered a' no warewoof.

What I cain't figger out is, why does it take two shots to kill sunthin' that's ar'ready haif daid??!!

I just figured I'd combine 2 off my favorite thine precious metal and guns. Also I don't know what its called but my ruger no 1 has a leather device on the stock that holds 3 bullets and I thought maybe melt down some bullion and make some pretty bullets. With the price of rigbys why not. Why are rights so expensive. I can get 50s cheaper. And why not steel core rounds for large bore hunting cartridge? I can get them in 30 06 but wouldn't a rigby out penetrate that provided it was steel core.

I'm not a troll, I'm a human being. But maybe it is a stupid question. Maybe if AP 416s are out of the question someone could tell me what ammo type would be best for penetrating steel. In case I gotta deal with a un occupation.
1. I can't imagine any thing short of T-Rex that might require AP ammo.
2. The melting point of silver precludes melting and molding it in a bullet mold. You would have to turn each one in a lathe, more time and expense on top of the price of the silver, also the density of silver makes a boolit very hard to stabilize. Come back to the real world and enjoy the sport of shooting. GW
Armor piercing ammo is the best for penetrating steel. Your best bet is to get a caliber where military ammo is available (such as 308, 30-06, 50 BMG, etc)
Come back to the real world and enjoy the sport of shooting. GW
That 416 Rigby will penetrate quite a bit of steel as it is. A 180 grain jacketed bullet from a 30-06 will punch a hole in 1/2 inch mild steel at 100 yards easily and put a heck of a dent in 1/2 inch T1 plate. A 240 grain XTP at 1300 fps from a 44 magnum will knock a BIG hole in a 350 Chevy block.

But to kill warewoofs ya gots ta have silver bullets!!!

1. I can't imagine any thing short of T-Rex that might require AP ammo.

A Trex, or maybe something more like a Humvee would require AP ammo. You never know maybe a Sasquatch requires silver bullet(s). Silver wouldnt be that expensive for just a few 416s but if you had to make them on a lathe because of melting point Maybe its not worth it. But for arguments sake might silver make a heavier/ deadlier bullet?

PS I will sell you guys some if and when I get a lathe.
Recoil Junky is correct about the lowly.44 mag.

I have destroyed a reactive target said to be made for use with a .44 mag., by shooting at it with my 310gr Cast bullets shot from My RUGER RedHawk's 5.5" barrel at just over 1300fps.

Take a 416 with any bullet of integrity, say a Swift or Nosler or even a long heavy, over 400gr cast bullet at 1500 - 2000fps and it is going to put a real hurt on any standard engine.

For hunting in some and maybe most states, it is a requirement that the jacketed bullets used MUST be expanding types and not a full metal jacket or armor piercing types.

Crusty Deary Ol'Coot
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