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Custom Ruger Compact in 260 Rem

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I will post when it gets here and I have it set up,
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Sounds like a cool rifle Mike. Should have alot of luck with all the SST's, BT's and other quickly expanding bullets. Scotty
Mike, I think about any bullet that expands decent will work with a 260. It isn't a ultra velocity monster mag. I haven't used the Bergers, but if I had a 260, I would give them a try. I would think the 125gr Partition would be an excellent bullet to use also. It would open quick and still penetrate through thick hide and bone if needed. Scotty
Seems like the little 125 Partition or 120gr BT are made for the 260. Both of them will open up fast and have alot of fragmentation. Seems like the Gameking's and lighter Hornady SST's would be pretty good also. Good luck, sounds like a fun project. Scotty
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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