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Custom Ruger Compact in 260 Rem

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I will post when it gets here and I have it set up,
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my wife also had under expansion problem with 140 gr corelokt. she lost a deer last year no blood on a perfect,broadside (videotaped) 25 yard shot.
following morning found me at the local shop buying 120 gr, ballistic tip. she shot 2 deers with these. both DRT.
Odd. I was 5-for-5 this past year with three shots around the 25yd range using 140gr CoreLokt with my .260 and none ran over ~10yds. All five were pass-through with what looked to be great terminal performance. I posted my experiences up in the hunting forum. TBH, though, from 120gr up to 160gr (if you load that heavy) should be fantastic on whitetails with the .260 (or 6.5x55SE). I think it'd be more difficult to find a bad combo than a good combo :)
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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