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Custom Ruger Compact in 260 Rem

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I will post when it gets here and I have it set up,
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Unless you're expecting some really long shots, why go with the Berger VLD, or other extremely high BC bullet? There are plenty of other options that will be pretty flat out to 300 yards and offer more consistent terminal performance; they'll open up and still penetrate well. If you're concerned about punching pencil-sized holes in deer, choose a bullet meant to expand, not a target-shaped bullet. Just my .02.
I stand corrected: It appears Berger has found a way to make a high BC bullet that will open up well on game. The reports I've read on the VLD series is that they are for target use and their performance on actual game animals is not consistent. Maybe it's the old codger in me, but without SOME kind of mechanism to begin expansion, as well as some means to control it, I have no confidence in such a projectile to reliably harvest game.

I have been wrong before and will undoubtedly be wrong again. In this case, I know what works and, at reasonable distances, there are known quantities available to meet the need. To each their own.

You said a mouthful. If your barrel will just barely stabilize the 140gr SMK, the longer VLD might present a real challenge. If you're looking for a single bullet to do it all, I would consider the 125gr Partition or 130gr Accubond. Either should give good accuracy, stabilize with your barrel's rate-of-twist, expand reliably and still penetrate very well. I would be confident hunting anything shy of a bull elk with those two bullets, and even that, if you're willing to get close and place your shot perfectly.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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