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Custom Ruger Compact in 260 Rem

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I will post when it gets here and I have it set up,
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First off, love your choice of cartridge on this one. I bought a Sako from a forum member last fall in .260 and just love the rifle and cartridge. Secondly, included in the deal were some of his handloads using 125 gr. Partitions and I really could not be happier with the accuarcy I've gotten from them. Honest 3/8" groups @ 100 yards and I have shot a few hovering right around an 1" @200 yards when I do my part. I did shoot a doe late in our rifle season at about 75 yards right on the shoulder, DRT. Good luck with your bullet testing, just thought I'd let you know my experiences have been very favorable the the partitions.

Odd. I was 5-for-5 this past year with three shots around the 25yd range using 140gr CoreLokt with my .260 and none ran over ~10yds. All five were pass-through with what looked to be great terminal performance. I posted my experiences up in the hunting forum. TBH, though, from 120gr up to 160gr (if you load that heavy) should be fantastic on whitetails with the .260 (or 6.5x55SE). I think it'd be more difficult to find a bad combo than a good combo :)
she was actually 3 for 3 before this one one fell right there cause she shot a bit high and nicked the spine.
the other one we were really lucky to find cause she made a bad shot which enterred in the last ribs
and exited in front of left ham. he ran 800 yard to the wood and 45 min later while driving the wood to find it (no blood trail at all) my sister in law that was on post near where the deer enterred the bush, heard him trashing in the leaves. when i went in 15 min later i found it dead.
the third one she shot perfectly in both lungs (just above the heart) he made it 50 yard with almost
no blood trail and a 1" wound channel only.
so i knew at that point that they were not opening enough but since i had 3 boxes left i didn't change yet. until when we lost that doe last year.

i have to say that she get only 2550 from the muzzle with those factory load. but longest shot was
50 yards
Seems like the little 125 Partition or 120gr BT are made for the 260. Both of them will open up fast and have alot of fragmentation. Seems like the Gameking's and lighter Hornady SST's would be pretty good also. Good luck, sounds like a fun project. Scotty
Personally, I have killed many deer with my 18.5" barreled model 7 at 2600-2700FPS and the 129 Hornady SP. It has worked at ranges from 20 yds to 200yds, from any angle of entry you can think of, and it is my bullet of choice. I think the 125 partitions should be good too, but at 2x the price of the Hornady I don't see a reason the spend the money on them when hunting deer.

Good luck with your project and let us know How it works out for you 'Tracker.
Its sure hard to argue with perfection. :)
The partitions are the standard which all other bullets are measured. Unlike your hunting, the only thing I'll be pointing my 260 at is Northeast Whitetails. For that or maybe eating sized blackies, the 129 Hornady would serve me well.

Of course, my bullets are going about 200-300fps slower than you hope to push them, so that makes a difference too.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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