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Custom savage 110?

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Hey all,
So I recently came into possession of a savage 110 7mm rem mag. I honestly don't know very much when it comes to the world of bolt action rifles, but I do know I want to make this rifle my own with a new stock. My problem is I can't really find anything online for it. I'm not picky, I just want it to be capable of converting it into a magazine fed rifle and look better than the stock in currently working with. All I can find are stocks made for .300/.308/.338. If anyone can point me to a website or tell me if those stocks will work properly (and Ross some knowledge my way) that would be great.
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Any stock that fits a magnum/long action savage 110 will work, ie 300 win mag, 338 win mag, 30-06, etc.

The stock is based upon the action length, not the specific cartridge. all 110 are the same size.

low end but nice, beauty and price go up.
I thought my post disappeared, until I realized you did a multiple post.
Read your other post, there are several responses.
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