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Depends on just how good of a job you want and are willing to spend and what kind of action you have.

There are a number of great gunsmith's that can do your work but many of the top notch precision guys are very particular about what actions they will work on. They are also going to be your more expensive and it will usually take a while.

E.R.Shaw is probably one of the cheapest, but plan on somewhat of a long wait also. Their barrels are usually hit or miss also. I consider them about the same level as good quality OEM production barrels.

McGowen Precision barrels are one of the cheaper of the good barrels, they will do most actions and they usually can turn one around in approx two months. About the only thing they do in the way of additional accurization is lap the lugs. Which leaves a whole lot to be desired if you want a true tack driver.

Kreiger Barrels is one of the few top notch barrel makers that will install them also. He also does most of the accurization work it takes to make a very good rifle.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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