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cva accura loads

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I got a cva accura and have been shooting 2 t7 pellets and 245 gr powerbelts and the shots are all over the place at 100yds.I have people say that powerbelts arent worth a crap anybody have any advice what would be worth a try.I know that as soon as i get a chance i will be switching to blackhorn 209 powder i fhink fhat shouls be a step in the right direction.thanks
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I had the same problem with my CVA Accura when I got it, shots all over the place. Thru info I found on this sight I changed a few things. First I went to loose Triple 7 powder and reduced my load. Now I shoot 80g of FFg Trip 7 and a 295gr Aero Tip Power Belt and have good accuracy and plenty of power to harvest animals cleanly. I also have had good luck with Hornadays XTP bullets.
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