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cva accura loads

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I got a cva accura and have been shooting 2 t7 pellets and 245 gr powerbelts and the shots are all over the place at 100yds.I have people say that powerbelts arent worth a crap anybody have any advice what would be worth a try.I know that as soon as i get a chance i will be switching to blackhorn 209 powder i fhink fhat shouls be a step in the right direction.thanks
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kenny z,

Shooters will say a lot of things about a lot of items but here are a few pics and things that help me put deer meat in my freezers a long with a boar or two.
I shoot JSG 90 GRS WITH A 295 GR Powerbelt Aerotip and I start it all off with Remington Kleanbore Primers.

As you can see the hunting gods have been very good to me and to my equipment also. 3 deer and a hawg. All pass thrus. All shots were less the 75 yards and no closer then 24 yards.
First target is 3 shots. All touching. ACCURACY, NO PROBLEM. Middle target was 1st 3 shots with last years powder. Last target ws me just having fun. No moisture problem and everything cleans up with water. Any more questions just ask.
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kenny z
For got this info. I spit swab the barrel with a patch I keep in my mouth while I'm shooting. I usually shoot 6 to 8 powerbelts before I start to swab. I also remove the breech plug after 12 shots and check it out.
Good luck.:D
kenny z,

Maybe this might help. I started shooting PYRODEX then T7 then Blackhorn 209. I was using Remington and Winchester primers. My accura didn't like any of these components. CRUD/BURN RING WOULD NOT LET ME SEAT THE NEXT POWERBELT. I was doing more swearing and cleaning then shooting. Took me awhile to find what my accura likes and now it's pure fun. With what I'm using, I get no crud/burn ring and I spit swab after 6/8 shots.
JSG is not as fast as most powders but those deer and hawg that were in my freezer didn't know that.;)

To my knowledge no. I find them in the grass at the range about 15/20 yards in front of the shooting bench. Never gave that issue any thought because of the accuracy being so consistant. I also weigh and measure each of my charges. I love to be consistant. All of my charges are all with in 1 grain of each other.;)
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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