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I've started a thread about these guns launched by a post of James Gates on another thread.  His post is as follows:

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By The Way....CVA has a little light .50 cal. out now called the "Bobcat" with a 1 in 48" twist...Cissey shoots one with .495" rb and 70 grains of FFg. What's great about the little gun is it is super accurate! It does not look so great, but for around &#3675.00 at Walmart?<!--emo&???--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt='???'><!--endemo--> The rifle weighs about like a M1 Carbine.

Best Regards, James[/quote]

I too have been impressed by these little synthetic stocked ugly-smokepoles.   No they are nothing to look at, but they are nearly indestructable, and weigh next to nothing.   Locally here at Wal-Mart in Sandpoint, Idaho, I've seen them for &#3664 and change!  A whole lot of gun for the money.

A local fellow I know here has hunted exclusively with one for deer and elk for the last five years.   He went through some really hard times, filed bankrupcy, and lost all his guns in the process.   That fall he had nothing to go hunting with!  He scrounged up the cash to go buy one of those Bobcats on sale at Wal-mart at the time, I think he said he paid just at &#3660 for it brand new.   Having previously owned several very nice, authentic reproduction guns, this was almost an abomination to him, but he had all the accessory items for it, and off he went to the woods opening day of deer season.

In the Idaho Panhandle, we are limited to one whitetail deer per year.   So far Ed  has gone five for five, all on opening day with that little CVA Bobcat!  Although he now has a few more guns than he did not too long ago, and he is once again in better financial condition, he still hunts with his "ugly-stick".   That little &#3660 gun has filled the freezer reliably for five years for him!  What more could one ask?

It's nice to know that a fellow can get introduced to the world of muzzle-loading for such a small cash outlay, and still have a piece of equipment that can be relied upon!

Best to all,

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