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Well Hello, Dick...I'm glad you did come over and join us. We need more ML's on the Forum....For the rest of the guys..Dick is an old friend of mine from South Florida and is a top notch fellow!!!!Dick owns a bait and tackle in Ruskin, Florida. He also likes to come to my "feeds"!
As you may remember Dick, I bought the little rifle from Bill Marney for Cissey to use. What surprised Bill and I is it shoots about everything you cram down its barrel! Cissey shoots a .495 Rb with 70 grs of Elephant Brand FFg...don't get in a match with her! The RB is a little light for hogs maybe, but works great on deer out to 75 yards or so. Last year we tried some of Marshall's .44 250 gr LFN GC's with Hornady Green Sabots and 70 grs FFg. The darn little rifle cuts cloverleafs with it. There was one deer killed with that load. When the fellows know you are shootig a .44 rifle and pistol, you will be right at home.
Really...I'm glad you came aboard. Another Cracker is always welcome( and needed). I think some of the fellows don't think a real Florida Razorback is a bad critter to deal with, but you and I know better, don't we!
Best Regards, James Clyde Gates
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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