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I have used Powerbelts for many years. Started using them when they came out. I have never had any issues with their performance. My normal load with the 295gr HP version is 100gr of Pyrodex (2-50gr pellets). Flat out kills deer dead! Very few deer ever have ran and generally have pass through of both shoulders. Have killed deer with this load from 20 to 110 yds.
My son used to use 50gr (1 pellet) and the 245gr HP load. He killed a couple deer with this load at 50 yds and under. He now uses the same bullet and load as I do since he has gotten older.

I also regularly use Powerbelts on my .50 Beowulf. Not a muzzleloader by any means, but the 270gr Powerbelt Aerotip is generating velocities in the 1700+ fps range with no issues. I have not killed a deer with this bullet but it will definately put a hurtin on a 6" Oak tree!! If you do your part with reasonable loads at reasonable distances you should have no problems with the PowerBelts. I got a 1" group with 5 rounds out of my Beowulf with the 270gr Aerotips. I intended to use these for hunting but didn't have time this year. Had another rifle I wanted to break in first.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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