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I read a thread on sixgunner about gages that can be purchased to measure cylinder throats.  It's a tool used by tool and die makers.  Anyway, you slide the gage into cylinder, tighten the lock nut, withdraw the gage and measure the diameter with a micrometer.  They range in price from about &#3613.95 - &#36&#36&#36.&#36&#36.  I found the site of one of the manufactures, Enco, and they have the &#3613.95 one (the same gage on another site cost &#3640) on sale for &#369.99.  It's a four piece kit and will measure diameters from .313" - 6" (just in case you have a six inch barrel...).  This is not only a time saver, but also inexpensive, too, if you want to slug more than one gun. Just thougt I would pass that along. The address is: The product number is: 615-6610.

P.S. If anyone has some load data for a 340gr BTB using 2400 in a 454 RB or SRH, I'd appreciate a post.  Haven't been able to get any info so far.  Thanks.

God bless,

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Mr. Southpaw,

My friend, you are a never ending source of good bargins -- I ordered two (save twice as much money that way) of the referenced Enco item "Telescoping Gage". Don't know how you come up with this good stuff, it never even ocurred to me to even look for something like that. You keep posting and I'll keep trying to keep up.


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Great tip, and many thanks!

Sorry, haven't done any work with the .452"-340g LFNGC's using 2400!  I'll do some nosing around for you though, and see what shakes out!

Again thanks!

God Bless,

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